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Rediscovering Pajama Styles Over the Years | Womens Flannel Pajamas

Rediscovering Pajama Styles Over the Years

What is your favorite sleeping attire? Also referred to as pajamas by the British people, pajamas are defined as the type of clothing that is usually loose, made from light fabrics, tightened with drawstring on the waistband,  and used by both men and women in the areas around West and South Asia. In America and nearby regions, pajamas are mainly worn as a nightwear. However, since pajama styles over the years have changed, more and more people are now using it as a daywear.

Botanical Flannel Pajamas For Women

In case you are wondering about the evolution of pajama styles over the years, here is a list of pajamas that are made available from its humble origins to what they are right now when it comes to fashion.

  • Traditional Pajamas

Pajamas customarily composed of trousers and jackets that were commonly made from soft materials like flannel. In terms of design, the jacket was crafted with a placket front and cuffless sleeves. Other old types of pajamas were made with a drop seat or butt flap that was buttoned at the bottom to let the wearer to use the comfort room more conveniently. In the 1950’s era, this was the hottest trend on pajamas; however, nowadays pajamas that have this style are already rare.

  • Modern Pajamas

Apparently, the newer versions of pajamas were conceptualized from traditional pajamas’ design. Currently, there are a great number of variations in contemporary styles which include pajamas with short sleeves, short or long pajama trousers, one-piece pajamas or onesies, and PJ’s that uses a wide variety of lightweight materials.  In the United States, the most popular variations being worn are womens flannel pajamas and pajamas with stretch-knit design that feature rib knit trimmings. Whether it is for adults or children, these sleeping outfits usually have a pull over top or zipper closures in front and may or may not be footed.

Cool Pajama Styles Over The Years

  • Daywear Pajamas

Because pajamas are usually made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk, polyester, satin, and lycra, they became part of the daywear fashion at present. Loose fitting and comfortable, they make great outfits especially during hotter seasons.

And that was how pajama styles over the years evolved. From this list, you can conclude that pajamas were a fashion staple even during the earlier years, most probably because nothing beats the comfort that they provide regardless of how old the wearer is. Get yourself a pair or two today so that you, too, can stay cool and comfortable whether you are at home or on the go.